October 11, 2010

New Copics!

I was so excited when my copics arrived in the mail. I instantly started working on techniques I have been reading about and watching on youtube.

This weekend we were invited to my boyfriends moms for thanksgiving dinner so I made her a card.

I started with the digital stamp first. This was the only fall image I have that isnt all about Halloween. I coloured the leaves first.. right away I learned that I am not using the best paper for these markers. I used regular white cardstock that I got from Michaels and when blending the ink bleeds.

I was very excited when I finished the hair;
I have learned a lot from long time marker users! : )

I've seen a lot of people do little 3-D effects on their cards and figured I would try that too! This card is full of first time techniques for me. I printed out two of the same image and used the leaves from the second image to add on top of the finished piece. I used those sticky foam things (not sure what they're actually called). Since the leaves are pretty small you could see the white foam fairly easily so I coloured them to match each leaf. (Click image to view larger)

So here is my finished card. I actually worked on this for several hours. Not sure how long most people take to colour. Maybe I work slow, I dunno. I used a patterned green for the background and added a strip of sparkly orange. Just for added effect I only rounded the two outside corners. I thought about writing something in the green space but dont really like my writing so I used a few of the extra leaves.

Now that I have my copics and am able to attempt projects like the beautiful ones I see,
I think I will be crafting more often!

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