October 25, 2010

Birthday Card

I have been using my new copic markers a lot lately and am so excited with what I've done so far. I think I enjoy the colouring part more because I have a bunch of finished images laying on my desk but havent put them together on any cards or other projects. My dads birthday was coming up so I tried to find some fun stamps to make his card. (Yes I know this isnt very manly but I like it!)

As I mentioned, the paper I have can lead to bleeding of the ink so I often cut the images out so you cant tell! I was worried about cutting the paper so thin where the strings are for the balloons and remembered I had some thread so I cut the image of the strings off completely. I poped up the balloons with the foam squares and actually tied the thread around each balloon end. I used my x-acto knife to make a small slit on the lions mouth to feed the thread through.

Another technique I tried on this card was heat embossing. I have a clear sparkly embossing powder I put on the balloons. I actually used my glue pen on them then sprinkled the podwer over top.

I tried using some of the techniques I have seen on other blogs to make the animals have nice fur.. lol.
Overall I am very happy with it.
(Click to see larger)

I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. I'm learning from the "big kids" who already know more than I do. I get excited when I try new techniques I've watched others do for so long. So please bare with me as I get excited over things as simple as heat embossing : )

Digi stamps from Whiff Of Joy Stamps.

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  1. Great Card Em! I love it! What paper did you use behind it? I Like how it all came together.

    Oh I posted my NEW and improved blog as I have been making some card with my wicked dollar store finds!



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