February 14, 2010

New Prismacolor Markers!

I've been slowly collecting stamps and havent really used them for any projects. The stamping was fun but when I coloured them in with regular markers they looked like my niece did it.. just not the finish I've seen or wanted. So when I was looking through the flyer from Michaels and saw prismacolor markers on for 50% off I decided I would try them out. I got the basic 12pack and was so excited to get home.

I stamped up one of my new fairy stamps and dumped the pens on the table. I thought I knew how to use the pens, they're just markers after all? lol was I wrong. I was actually dissapointed with my first image. It ended up looking the same as my other markers.
My friends joke with me because if I dont know the answer to something, I always say.. "google it!" So thats what I did. I ended up watching lots of video tutorials on both prismacolor and copics markers.

Then I printed out a bunch of images I got online and tried out the techniques I learned.. and this time I got so excited! I actually didnt want to go to bed I was having so much fun.
(Some of the shading doesnt show well in the pictures, click to see larger)

The next time I was able to use the markers I did some cute girls. In the 12pack of markers there is no skin tones so I used a marvy brush marker.. needless to say I am going to get more prismacolor markers so I have more of a variety of colours. I also used a sparkle pen to fill in the wings.

And the project I finished today I am so excited about. I wanted to do something a bit bigger than the little images for cards etc. I found a website called DeviantArt and searched for "line art." Most of the contributors dont mind you saving and colouring their images as long as you give credit when you post it.

I got my image from Sugargrl14 and love it.

I took the picture outside where the light was better, so you can see the grass at the bottom. And I attempted a sunset type background because I didnt want it to be left white.

So I'm off to do another one.. hehe. Its valentines day and my guy is up the mountain volunteering for the Olympics, so I will give him something when he gets home. : )

February 1, 2010

Bent Objects

I found the website Bent Objects and loved how he transformed the unexpected.
If you watch the video below you will see how Terry went from a job that paid the bills to something he loves and I do too! I love the humour behind his work.. so check it out and let me know what you think!

Terry Border at Gel 2008 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.


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