April 25, 2010


My guys mom went on a business trip to Arizona and brought us back a few things. She found a little turquoise bead in the shape of a skull. She suggested he could use it for a keychain.
In all my crafting goodies I happen to have beading supplies and told him I would make it into something for him.

It looks a lot better in person.. I used a small key ring
I liked the earthy look of the bead so I used copper wire and wood beads to go with it.

I made my own "head pin" for the bead with a coil at the bottom to match the attachment piece above.
I strung all the beads onto tigertail beading wire and used a crimp bead to secure. After the crimp was done I slid the beads around so it hid inside one of the beads.
The wood beads looked more like a big circle so I added another copper element in the middle to make it more narrow.
And finally at the top I made another copper element. I didnt want just a regular jumpring so I made it three loops where only one goes through the wood bead, then I played around with the remainder to make it more solid.

He's happy with it so I'm happy too!

April 23, 2010

Photoshoped Car

My boyfriend loves his car and belongs to a car club. I thought I would try out a tutorial I found and surprise him with a beautiful picture of his car... hehe

This is his little car before..

And after!


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