March 17, 2010

Positive & Negative Cricut Cuts

I'm trying to use as much of my paper scraps as I can. When I cut something on the cricut, if the negative image can't be used, I save the scraps for future projects. I have a box I throw all my scraps into, so if I need a small piece of paper for a project I check out the box first.

When I cut out this branch I thought the negative part of the paper could be used as is. I jusr trimmed it to fir the card.

As for the phrases I used on the cards, I googled "friend quotes." I dont have any stamps with phrases so I found a bunch I liked and printed them out myself. Similar to the digital stamps, I like doing the phrases on the computer so I can choose the size and font to better fit with my project.
If a card is more serious, like a sympathy card, you could use a fancier font. For a friendship card (like this one) I like using a font that looks more like it was printed by hand.

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