March 13, 2010

More Prismacolor

I've previously posted a picture of the first large image I coloured with my prismacolor markers. I again went looking for line art to play with.

Its difficult to see on the picture the shading but I'm pleased with the final product. I'm not the greatest at drawing so I'm still learning about shadows and highlights and where to put them.
I saw a neat technique someone else did on a picture and attempted the same. I used a mix of colours on the sleeve to make it look like a sheer material where you could see the arm through.

I also have a thing with sparkles so I had to add some : ). Along the outside of the sleeve I added some with a regular sparkle gell pen.
The sticks in the hair, the earings and the accent on the dress are done with a gold gell pen.

The image is about 6" tall and I havent decided what to do with it.

The skin colour was done with different pens as I only have the basic 12pack of prismacolors. I have however ordered more! Hopefully they will be here within the week.

I've done two posts today and have more to come. I've realized I'm not like most crafters who start a project and work on it until its done. I start one thing and while waiting (say, for paint to dry) I work on something else. I had ten cards in the works this week and just finished them up tonight! I will post them in the next few days.

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