March 24, 2010

Friendship should be celebrated!

On the first card I tried using two different papers to make it look like the floor and wall behind the girl. I really like the way this one worked out.

This second card I started with the flower and trying to add dimention with the shading and shadows. I was really excited when it was done. I wanted to keep the flower the focus so I just added a frame around the front of the card and coloured the sentiment to match the flower. I almost dont want to give it away hehe.


  1. Pretty cards! THanks for stopping by :) I saw the paper towel technique somewhere, but I have the kind with the big quilts on it. Thanks for the wax paper technique. I will give that a try!!

    Scrapmaster's Paradise

  2. Those look great! .. I love the flower and the way it pops.



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