March 13, 2010

Bathroom Organization

I've been looking around for something to hold my necklaces and was thinking about making a shadowbox type thing with hooks to hang them. I was out shopping at Home Outfitters for other things and saw this:

I really liked the simple design of it. While looking I saw a lot of jewelry holders in varying designs. I didnt want anything too big or box-like.

I like this because it looks like a tree with branches. It stands about 12" tall.

A neat feature is that each branch (or arm) is adjustable. The arms can be twisted to all line up together, or stagger them around the circle.. hope that makes sense.
The base is concaved so you can hold rings, watches and other small things.

In the clearance section at the same store I saw a cute silver dish. Its about 4x4" so it was the perfect size to hold my hair elastics and bobbypins.

Along with the picture I hung in the bathroom, things are starting to look good.

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