January 13, 2010

Wedding Preparation

My best friend is planning to get married in about a year. Loving everything DIY I offered (well almost insisted lol) to be the wedding planner.
I found a site with a great Wedding Organizer Set. You can download a few or all of the worksheets and put them in your own binder. I've seen packages in stores with similar information for $50-$100... So I figured my first wedding related DIY would be this organizer!

I'm going to take a regular three-ringed binder and put in all the printed worksheets. I found a few cute pictures and made a SVG files for the cricut. I'm going to play around with the images and papers to make a cover and I'll post pictures of what I've come up with.

Wedding Organizer Set

SVG contains two pieces show in black

Bride & Groom
SVG contains two pieces shown in grey and white

Bride with Flowers
SVG contains two pieces shown in black and grey

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  1. Hi Emily!
    Just saw your comment on my post...thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it :) Good luck on the wedding planning, should be fun! I love wedding-things as well :)



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