January 18, 2010

Trial & Error

I found a beautiful image I thought would be great as a cut file for my cricut. I'm still new to scal and inkscape so I just jumped right in and tried my best. The final project was just what I had pictured.. but getting there wasnt hehe.

I made my svg file after lots of trials (with editing in paint, photoshop and inkscape) and somehow I always ended up with a double line on the outline of the image. Like I said I'm no pro with these types of things and ran out of ideas so I just decided to give the file a shot and cut it anyways!

I was so excited while it was cutting.. then when it was finished I saw that the outside line (around the hair etc) cut as a row of long ovals to form the line. I ended up using my exacto knife and mat to cut the outside line. Then the edges looked a bit jagged so I went around it again with my scissors to clean it up. Once everything looked good I started piecing the images together.
What I did was cut the full image on two different shades of blue. When they were all cleaned up I just switched the hair pieces for the contrast. My favourite part of this project is that since you cut two of the same image, the pieces fit together perfectly. This makes the image lay flat once the pieces are adhered to the background paper.
I thought this way looked more sleek than layering one colour on top of the other, and you end up with two images!

I found the Sure Cuts A Lot Forum and asked about the double line problem. Hopefully I will be able to fix the svg file.
*If you're interested in the cut file you can leave a message and I'll get it to you once its fixed!

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